InBody Your Life™ Feminine Essence Series

16_Alex_2015-WebThe Dalai Lama said that he believes it will be the Western Woman who will change the world. What I believe he is saying is that we in the western world have the freedom and resources to make a significant shift in how we do things. And it’s the women who will lead the way as we embrace the power of our feminine essence and rise up to balance what has been a masculine world for far too long.

Our culture is run by the masculine. As women, we have worked very hard and been very successful within that structure. However, meeting the world from our masculine essence is often exhausting and stressful on the female body. It’s no wonder there is an epidemic of stress related illnesses especially among women. When we are in our feminine essence as we meet the world, our bodies can relax and begin to heal. Our pleasure in what we are doing and how we are relating to people greatly increases. Our joy of life increases. We begin to attract the jobs, relationships, and experiences we desire rather than having to reach out for them and work so hard to get them. Life gets good!

This is why I feel my work with helping women understand, embrace and embody their feminine essence is SOOOO important. In my own life, I explored many areas of self development which resulted in significant changes; however, it wasn’t until I started exploring and embodying my feminine essence that things started shifting by leaps and bounds. I went from living a life I thought I wanted to live to the life I really desired to live. I went from feeling burdened, exhausted, unconnected, and unhappy to experiencing more freedom, joy, love, and pleasure in all areas of my everyday life.

In working with my private clients, I use a client-centered approach to individualize the work to the needs of the client by looking at what she is wanting and how she would like to see her life change. It is my purpose in life to help women own this divine feminine part of themselves and I would love to work with you

What is Feminine Essence? The Feminine Essence that lives inside every woman is an energetic, empowering, and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. When a woman embodies her feminine essence she does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect and attention she wants. She becomes attractive, radiant, sensual, and grounded.

What is Presence? There are women who walk into a room and are noticed by many. They have an air of confidence about them that is attractive. There are others who frequently comment that “No one notices me.” One has ‘presence,’ one does not. Presence attracts people to you because you give off an aura of confidence, ease, wisdom, and trustworthiness. People just want to be around you. In the pursuit of a career, or having to take care of so many people around them, many women have disconnected from their feminine essence and their personal presence without realizing it. This affects everything from being able to attract and keep a passionate lasting love, the state of our health, fulfillment in our work, the loss of pleasure and joy in our lives, and to the very unfortunate situation of women competing against and belittling other women.

Learn the POWER of your Feminine Essence.