Success Stories


Only work with Alex Alexander if you want to radically upgrade your sex life! Alex is a very gifted healer with lots of training to support you however you need in a safe and sacred way. And then to add in the work with the Erotic blueprints… It’s magic! Alex helped me to see just how much erotic power I actually possessed, which I’d never been able to see before. And then she guided me to open the full range of my blueprints to levels I didn’t even know were possible. This all translated to feeling freer, more expressed, and more capable to ask for what I needed in my intimate life!

Christina Morassi

Founder of PleasureCEO, Women’s Success Coach

In a weekend that was already so full of magic, a short, unexpected session with Alex, who I had just met, took it even further & broke me open. I think I even used those words immediately after the session, ‘I felt broken open’. And, I suddenly became intensely aware of this brilliant blue light behind our table that I once saw during my first accupucture session. I saw it as releasing these blockages like happens in an intense acupressure session. She seemed to know the exact words to use, the exact questions to ask, to guide me deeper. I go pretty deep and I’m pretty willing to let go of old shit, but Alex took me deeper in a way that I had not expected & I literally felt cracked open to being able to accept abundance.

I know, from first-hand experience, that any woman who gifts herself with a session with Alex, has just done an Amazing thing for herself.

Tammy J.

On the topic of healing my inner feminine and seeking my beloved partner, I had received a healing from another healer and was fortunate enough to see Alex soon after.  I was having trouble “growing up” my inner young girl from the prior healing, she seemed stuck.  This was a big piece of me that I needed to reclaim so that I can be a grown woman in relationship; this part of me had “checked out” due to the emotional inconsistency of my father.   Through Alex’s healing, I connected with the Divine Masculine principle, in the form of the sun, which was given to the little girl as a balloon that she had total control over. (I think this might be how good daddies really feel about their little girls!)   As soon as the balloon was given, my inner feminine began to feel safer and more secure than at any time in her life, and she began to grow up with the Sun-Father’s constant love and support.

This healing has cascaded realizations, releases, and receivings that within just a few months, turned around all my dynamics with men; now I am being seen and asked out by really quality guys, and the others stay away.  I still use the visualization of the sun to give me security with the masculine principle, especially if I am experiencing “guy problems.”  It helps me be self-sufficient, which of course is highly magnetic and attractive.  Thanks Alex, for all these gifts!

O. Brooks

Alex, I don’t know how much more to tell you that you really helped me get through a break through today.  I just felt really “stuck” and “claustrophobic” with no direction and by stop blaming myself for what’s happened over the last few weeks, I feel like I have the confidence again to move forward.

Thank you for really understanding the pain in my spirit and for helping me channel this negative energy away

Megan S.

Alex is a very gentle, loving, and compassionate healer. I had a Hakomi session with her that was very subtle, yet we went into deep areas and brought up a lot of stuff that needed to be healed and cleared out. The key is to be open and honest about what’s going on. I felt very safe with Alex and trusted her with guiding me through the process. She is very present and good at listening and tuning in to what needs to be addressed. I definitely recommend a session to those who are feeling called.

Sophia H.

I met Alex at a shamanic workshop in California, where we were both students. In many ways the entire workshop was an intensely opening and awakening experience for me, including what occurred with Alex. At one point she offered to do energy healing work on one of my knees, and I accepted. Long ago I injured it skiing, and had undergone lengthy surgery to repair it. This was the first time I had been offered, or even considered, an energy healing. It was a complete surprise to me when suddenly, in the middle of her procedure, I was able to perceive the work she was doing on my knee and elsewhere. I could actually see in my mind, the energetic image of my knee, what she was doing, as well as the auric levels and chakras.

Over the next few days we worked on a few classmates together, as well as myself several times over the years that followed. Alex has been a patient, generous, and intuitive mentor throughout my learning process. With that experience, I discovered more of who I truly am. I am deeply grateful to her for vivifying this previously unknown aspect of me.

Adrian S.